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    All 20 Bobblehead Locations – Fallout 4

    Every game has collectibles and most of the time, they are just for fun. This is not the case for Fallout 4. In Fallout 4, every Bobblehead serves a purpose to aid the player. There is a total of 20 Bobblehead Locations in Fallout 4, spread all over the map. If you want to get all of them along with their amazing advantages, check this guide for all bobblehead Fallout 4 Locations.

    Bobblehead locations 1 - 7

    Perception Bobblehead # 1

    Perception Bobblehead # 1
    • Location: Museum of Freedom in Concord
    • Advantage: +1 Perception

    This bobblehead is present at the location, the room right above the doors, where you meet Preston Garvey. Look at the desk at the opposite end of the room from Preston Garvey’s desk and you’ll find the Bobblehead there. Make sure you’ve defeated the Raiders inside to have easy access to it.

    Repair Bobblehead # 2

    Repair Bobblehead # 2
    • Location: Corvega Assembly Plant
    • Effect: Fusion Cores last 10% longer.

    Explore the interior of the structure until you come across a door that leads to the roof. Follow the stairs after you’re up here until they take you up and around the enormous blue sphere. The Bobblehead is at the end of this area.

    Science Bobblehead # 3

    bobblehead fallout 4 locations
    • Location: Malden Middle School (Vault 75)
    • Advantage: Get one extra guess while hacking.

    Go to Basement Level 3 inside Vault 75 (also known as Malden High School). You can locate a room down here that has a view of the cavern with the abandoned shops. The Bobblehead is located inside this space.

    Charisma Bobblehead # 4

    Charisma Bobblehead # 4
    • Location: Parsons State Insane Asylum
    • Advantage +1 Charisma

    Be at least level 10 to enter the asylum as you’ll need to battle some of the Mercenaries protecting the Asylum. Go to the Parsons Asylum which is present in The Commonwealth’s northern region. Ensure that the Mr. Cabot quest is active.

    Then search for Edward Deegan, a ghoul. He’ll introduce you to his boss and from there you’ll be able to enter the Asylum with him; Mr. Cabot. Once inside, kill off the raiders and walk to Mr. Cabot’s office, where the bobblehead is sitting on his desk.

    Explosives Bobblehead # 5

    Explosives Bobblehead # 5
    • Location: Saugus Ironworks (Furnance)
    • Advantage: Explosives deal 15% more damage.

    When you arrive at the Ironworks, you must battle your way through the Forgers in the first two chambers and outside. To get to the Blast Furnace doors, go up two flights of stairs then over the wooden bridge to the other side. Next, go up the temporary metal elevated area and go around the platform until you reach the area with two big doors. This is Furnace. In this furnace, look for a control panel as you’ll find the bobblehead on top of it.

    Sneak Bobblehead # 6

    Sneak Bobblehead # 6
    • Location: Dunwich Borers
    • Advantage: 10% Harder to detect

    This is deep within the caves. When the adversaries transform into Ghouls, you’ll know you’re getting near. Although the Bobblehead is only around a 5-second walk away from the end of this area, if you reach the finish and kill a number of Ghouls bearing names, you may have gone a little too far. Flash light as this part is quite dark.

    Barter Bobblehead # 7

    Barter Bobblehead # 7
    • Location: Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery
    • Advantage: 5% better prices

    Go to the assembly room after entering the cannery. Go towards the main hall where the conveyer belt is placed. From there, go up towards the first floor and inside the closed-up space until you reach a room with a broken window. There on top of a broken machine would be a Bobblehead.

    Bobblehead locations 8 - 14

    Energy Weapons Bobblehead # 8

    Energy Weapons Bobblehead # 8
    • Location: Fort Hagen – Command Center
    • Advantage: Permanently gain +25% critical damage with energy weapons

    On your route to the basement tunnels of Fort Hagen’s Command Center, you can find this bobblehead in the kitchen area, wedged between two refrigerators. First, go down toward the rightmost room in the basement. From there, take the elevator. From there, enter the Command center. Then locate to double door after following the corridors. Stop and go inside once you see a skeleton hanging from the window. Go inside and you’ll soon locate the two refrigerators.

    Keep in mind that until you start the main quest of getting a Clue in Diamond City, you won’t be able to use the elevator that leads to the Fort Hagen Command Center

    Medicine Bobblehead # 9

    Medicine Bobblehead # 9
    • Location: Vault 81
    • Advantage: Stimpacks heal 10% more damage.

    First get three Fusion cores and go talk to Bobby. Next, go talk to Doctor in Vault 81. He will take your blood. Go out and then take a long rest of 24 hours. The next day, take the elevator in Vault 81 to reach the ground floor. You will find this Bobblehead inside the medical area, next to the floating robot Curie.

    Intelligence Bobblehead # 10

    Intelligence Bobblehead # 10
    • Location: Boston Public Library
    • Advantage: +1 Intelligence

    Go for the enormous area on the north side of the library’s second floor. A wooden door at the far end of this area leads to the next room, where the Bobblehead is sitting on the computer station.

    Melee Bobblehead # 11

    Melee Bobblehead # 11
    • Location: Trinity Tower
    • Advantage: +25% Critical Hit Damage with Melee Weapons.

    Go to the very top of Trinity Tower with makeshift stairs and elevators. There you’ll find a locked door. Open it to free Rex and Strong. Once they are free, look behind them towards the table. On the table, you’ll find the bobblehead just beside a lantern.

    Speech Bobblehead # 12

    bobblehead fallout 4 locations
    • Location: Park Street Station (Vault 114)
    • Advantage: All vendors permanently have 100 more Caps for bartering.

    When completing the main objective, “Unlikely Valentine,” you can find Nick Valentine in the Vault 114 Overseer’s Office. The Bobblehead is also here. Just look behind him and you’ll see it perched on a desk. Just a heads up, you’ll need to maneuver around the area a lot to reach this place as it’s a little confusing.

    Strength Bobblehead # 13

    Strength Bobblehead # 13
    • Location: Mass Fusion Building
    • Advantage: +1 Strength

    When you get to the Mass Fusion Building, go inside at stop at the door to spot the bobblehead. Once you see an object at the highest point of the building facing outward, understand that you’ve spotted it. GO up keeping the middle point in mind and after approximately 5 flights of stairs, you’ll reach the opening with the couch sitting there. Climb up on the couch to get the bobblehead that is perched on top of the statue hanging over the lobby.

    Lockpicking Bobblehead # 14

    bobblehead fallout 4 locations
    • Location: Pickman Gallery
    • Advantage: Lock picking becomes easier (A good bonus)

    To reach the Gallery’s lowest points, go down through it. You’ll have to move through the underground system until you reach the brick pillars. Here, you’ll ultimately come across Pickman, a man who is being detained by robbers. In the middle of the room would be a trashcan, just by one of the pillars. Go up to it and you’ll see the bobblehead dropped beside it.

    bobblehead fallout 4 locations

    Big Guns Bobblehead # 15

    Big Guns Bobblehead # 15
    • Location: Vault 95
    • Advantage: +25% Critical Hit Damage with heavy weapons

    After clearing Vault 95 and gaining entry, enter through the door on the right side of the main chamber. From there, use the doorway at the end of the hall to descend to the lower level. Find the Bobblehead on the radio between the two couches in the following room by passing through the wall that was destroyed at the bottom of the ramp and entering via the door on your right.

    Small Guns Bobblehead # 16

    bobblehead fallout 4 locations
    • Location: Gunners Plaza
    • Advantage: +25% Critical Hit Damage with ballistic ammo

    There is a room inside the structure with the words “On the Air” posted above the doors. To enter, you’ll need to be able to pick Master level locks. The Bobblehead is on the desk after you enter.

    Unarmed Bobblehead # 17

    bobblehead fallout 4 locations
    • Location: Atom Cats Garage
    • Advantage: +25% Critical Hit Damage with unarmed strikes.

    This one is seriously unarmed. Just look into the main garage for a rusting automobile. The Bobblehead will be mounted on its hood, alone and in plain sight.

    Endurance Bobblehead # 18

    bobblehead fallout 4 locations
    • Location: Poseidon Energy
    • Advantage: +1 Endurance

    To find Poseidon Energy, navigate to the map’s southeast corner. The Bobblehead is located inside the center chamber, a vast open space that is many stories high. Use the ramps and scaffolding to ascend to the raised room in the center, where the Bobblehead and a number of adversaries are located.

    Agility Bobblehead # 19

    bobblehead fallout 4 locations
    • Location: Wreck of the FMS Northern Star
    • Advantage: +1 Agility

    Enter the Northern Star and proceed across the stacked cargo containers to the stern of the ship. Head to the bow after ascending to the main deck. You can discover the Bobblehead on the very edge of this platform.

    Luck Bobblehead # 20

    bobblehead fallout 4 locations
    • Location: Spectacle Island
    • Advantage: +1 Luck

    Go inside the half-sunken ship and straight towards the stairs. They would be present on the opposite side, facing away from the land. Go up from there and enter the only room present there. On your right would be a locker and this last bobblehead would be present there.

    With this, it’s a wrap for all 20 Bobblehead Fallout 4 Locations. Hopefully, this is helpful to get you through. For more guides, check out the guide section on our site Retrology.

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