Alicia Sierra’s character development in Money Heist’s new season is noteworthy

    The heist is finally over. The last five episodes of the Netflix sensation “Money Heist” are streaming on the platform. The show has had fans hooked from the start. We have all been baffled by the shocks and twists throughout the series. With Dali masks on in the final part of the show, the robbers try to make it out alive one last time. Not to mention, Alicia Sierra’s character development is by far the most noteworthy.

    The show has seen various character developments like when Raquel Murillo joins Professor’s gang as Lisbon. However, the most noteworthy character development in my opinion is that of Alicia Sierra played by Najwa Nimri.

    Courageous, savage, and comical, Inspector Alicia Sierra comes onto the scene when the Professor’s squad starts their Bank of Spain heist in Part 3. Carrying her exceptional yet unique energy from the other law authorization figures on the hit Netflix show, Alicia keeps the Professor, and fans, on their toes from the second she shows up.

    Dissimilar to the heist group, Alicia joins the Professor’s group, not really for a life of crime, but rather to escape critical conditions. Money Heist gives Alicia one of the most extraordinary and one-of-a-kind circular segments. It’s nothing unexpected that she’s the outright champion of a fabulous bunch during the Spanish series’ last season.

    When Alicia gives birth she starts to re-think her life. She makes a decision that the best possible future for her family is to join the man she initially wanted to take down. Alicia and Professor thereby form an alliance.

    Their new association brings about an amigo parody-like curve for the team in the second half of the last season. At the point when it appears as though the Professor’s group is outclassed after Tokyo’s death, Alicia makes a run for it, and he pursues her. Seeing their attempt to remain in front of the cops together was watching two experts at work. It is awesome of the Professor’s undertakings from his group. Alicia’s cop foundation and the Professor’s mind get them out alive.

    At last, the Professor’s most noteworthy heist is effective — thanks in huge part to Alicia. Alicia found the gold, and the Professor persuaded their opponent’s criminal outfit that there wasn’t sufficient gold to go around. Eventually, Alicia headed out into a pristine existence with her infant and all the money in the bank. That is exactly what she deserved.

    This is all about Alicia Sierra’s character development. For more exciting content like this keep following Retrology.

    Amel Aamer
    Amel Aamer
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