A Russian man lost his life in a Virtual Reality-Related accident

    The world of Virtual Reality is continuously growing – letting yourself immerse into something outside of the real world. This ‘near-reality can make you explore and interact with a computer-generated environment, no matter where you are. As VR brings you into a virtual simulation, it also cuts you off from the outside world and for this reason, you need to be very cautious of your surroundings.

    Unfortunately, this week a 44-year old man from Moscow was found dead in his apartment while enjoying Virtual Reality. This is known to be the first VR-related death. In the past, we just heard about the injuries that were caused by Virtual Reality.

    This report came from Russian News Agency TASS. The identity of the man wasn’t revealed though. Yulia Ivanova, who is the Senior Assistant to the Head of the Russian Investigative Committee’s Main Moscow Department, stated:

    “According to preliminary information, while moving around the apartment in virtual reality glasses, the man tripped and crashed into a glass table, suffered wounds, and died on the spot from a loss of blood,”

    On the whole, this incident should not be taken lightly. While using VR, as being separated from reality, it is your duty to be fully aware of your outside environment. Before setting up the VR gear, you should make sure that you’re in such a place, where you wouldn’t hurt yourself or cause damage to anyone or anything around you.

    Whether you are using VR or AR (Augmented reality) – the latter of which, keeps you connected from the outside world, your safety and well-being definitely come first.

    Source: Neowin

    Talha Saqib
    Talha Saqib
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