A Plague Tale: Requiem Skills and Skills tree Guide

    A Plague Tale: Requiem has many changes and updates later in the game. There are different changes going on that will push up many new updates in the game. One of those changes is the Skills Tree. If you didn’t know about it, then come along to know the complete details of A Plague Tale: Requiem Skills Tree.

    A Plague Tale: Requiem Skills Tree

    Skills Tree aims to help players focus on their playstyles. This also helps them to understand the style that works best for them. Practice is the only way. There are three skill trees. Prudence, Aggressive, and Opportunism are three skill trees that you can practice with.

    Prudence focuses mainly on stealth, Aggressive aims for combat skills, and Opportunism to enhance other skills of Amicia’s resources. Each one of them has four skills and are 12 skills in total.

    Prudence Skill Tree

    Prudence Skill Tree
    Prudence Skill Tree

    This skill tree is about strength and stealth. It gives you buffs and bonuses against enemies. You can escape past enemies, avoid combat with a large army and have better protection against them. With help of this skill tree, you can focus on one main target that needs to be killed than every enemy around you.

    The four skills are:

    • Light Footstep – Amicia makes moves without making noise which is helpful for her when around enemies or to get in their territory.
    • Nimbleness – She can move faster as she has good control of her balance.
    • Throwing Stance – She improves her body positioning to throw items at a good distance.
    • Armour Piercer – She can backstab armored enemies with a knife. As she has a good knowledge of their weak spots.

    Aggressive Skill Tree

    Aggressive Skill Tree
    Aggressive Skill Tree

    As the name implies, aggressive in open combat is the specialty of this skill tree. No mercy on enemies is the motto. Brutal killing with deadly weapons get improves with this skill set.

    The aggressive skill tree has four skills. Which are:

    • Grappler – Amicia has a sharp sense of her surroundings. This skill can push enemies into fire or rats when she attacks in melee. This way she gets rid of her enemies rapidly.
    • Recovery – She always keeps her cool and heals faster from big hits.
    • Vital Points – Silent killing is her style. Knowing where to hit and to escape the spot is her best skill.
    • Quick Fingers – As she gets low on her ammo, she gets quick with reloading her weapons.

    Opportunism Skill Tree

    Opportunism Skill Tree
    Opportunism Skill Tree

    This tree is more creative and dangerous. The skills are dangerous as they are all chemical ammo. They focus on the weapons that will help you control rats so they can be on your side. And they are more creative because combat skills are far better than Aggressive skills.

    To boost your alchemy ammo, these skills will surely be helpful.

    • Alchemy Knowledge: Amicia has a more profound understanding of alchemy weapons. And how to create them for your betterment.
    • Nothing Lost: This skill helps Amicia craft one alchemy weapon while she can save one weapon as backup whenever needed.
    • Material Division: She tries to save chemical items or portions while crafting weapons whenever she gets a chance.
    • Pure Product: She can craft various weapons with the limited resources she got.

    With this skill set, you have flexible combat skills and a better action play style. From this guide to A Plague Tale: Requiem Skills Tree, you can get to know about it better. And try to choose your playstyle. And for more gaming content, check the Guides action of Retrology.

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