A 28-year-old, killed by police, in the result of “swatting” prank – after a dispute over Call of Duty

    Recently, there has been a fatal shooting in Kansas, taking the life of a 28-years-old, a father of two – Andrew Finch. The shooting happened after two Call of Duty players’ argument ended up, in sending a false hostage situation report to the cops over the victim’s address, by one of the players. This “swatting” hoax, led the law enforcement to bring a squad to the reported location, which in fact, didn’t belong to any of the two arguers. Andrew – who didn’t even play games, as told by the family – opened the front door after hearing multiple noises outside and after a short while, was shot down by the police.

    Deputy Police Chief, Troy Livingston, in his press conference, said “The original call, we were told that someone had an argument with their mother and dad was accidentally shot. And that now that person was holding mother, brother, and sister hostage. We learned through that call that a father was deceased, and had been shot in the head. That was the information we were working off of.”

    Sadly, this all was a prank by one of the individuals (@SWauTistic), who after getting into a dispute over 1.5$ wager session in COD multiplayer, threatened the other swat user (@7aLeNT). The latter, in response to the threat, gave his wrong address – which turned out to be of the location of late Andrew. 

    As reported by KrebsOnSecurity, the pranker has changed his Twitter to @GoredTutor36 and is not ready to turn himself in. He said, “People will eventually (most likely those who know me) tell me to turn myself in or something. I can’t do that; though I know its [sic] morally right. I’m too scared admittedly,”

    The alleged culprit is already known for claiming credit for multiple swatting pranks and other threats made in the past. Moreover, the user’s recent tweets on his new account have shown his lack of willingness to confess the crime.

    The Wichita Police department has released the material including both audio and video, related to the incident and has confirmed that the event happened as a result of swatting. Anyhow, the officer who misjudged and shot the innocent father, will be put on a paid leave awaiting an investigation.

    All in all, this incident is without a doubt very unfortunate and mishandled. People need to reform themselves after this happening, as swatting and pranks are getting dangerous each day – the lives are getting seriously affected. The law enforcement agencies should also make changes in their methods to tackle this kind of event.

    That said, share your thoughts on this sad incident. 

    [Update]: Reportedly, the LAPD has arrested 25-year-old Tyler Barris – who is being considered the real culprit. Engadget reports that the police in Los Angeles have confirmed that Barris is currently in custody and no bail has been set.

    Source: Engadget

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