GamingRoguelike20 Minutes Till Dawn Synergies Guide

    20 Minutes Till Dawn Synergies Guide

    As the name suggests, 20 Minutes Till Dawn is a game where you have to survive for 20 minutes fighting off whatever danger comes your way. You can choose a variety of upgrades and synergy favorable to your selected character to go through the night as safely as you can.

    There are many upgrades and synergy combinations in 20 Minutes till Dawn, so here we will help you in choosing the right synergy. These synergies all vary and can give you a few good combinations, with some specific to characters while some working for all.

    This guide for 20 Minutes Till Dawn Synergies has all so head on below.

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    Synergy uses and details

    Synergies in 20 Minutes Till Dawn may be obtained by combining particular upgrades, and many of them have positive and bad consequences that players should choose based on their gameplay. 

    Synergies can be used by players to boost their chances of surviving the entire 20 minutes. The relevant synergies will be determined by which skill tree is being built and what works best with the character in 20 Minutes Till Dawn. 

    There are now seven synergies available to players. More combination bonuses may be included in future updates, but no official announcement of new synergies has been made at this time.

    Synergy Upgrade Combo List

    If you open the upgrades’ menu, you can see your Synergy information. The upgrades you already have will be visible right away, and you can further know about those upgrades by synergy buttons present there.

    There are quite a few combinations and you can know about every one of them here. So, let’s get to these combinations.

    Mini Clip

    20 Minutes Till Dawn Synergies Guide: Mini clip
    20 Minutes Till Dawn Synergies Guide: Mini clip

    Fan Fire + Fresh Clip

    • Reload Rate +100%
    • Bullet Damage +50%
    • Max Ammo -666

    Mini Clip is a synergy that works best when coupled with a crossbow because the crossbow already has Max Ammo 1. While using a crossbow you want to boost reload rate and bullet damage for increased DPS and this ammo drop will have no impact.

    Gun Mastery

    20 Minutes Till Dawn Synergies Guide: Gun Mastery

    Armed and Ready + Power Shot + Rapid Fire

    • Bullet Damage +15%
    • Fire Rate +15%
    • Reload Rate +15%
    • Max Ammo +1
    • Piercing +1

    This is the finest synergy if you know how to keep it in use because it provides enormous improvements while having no bad impacts. If possible, attempt to get Gun Mastery synergy in any run; regardless of the character or gun you are using.

    Frost Fire

    20 Minutes Till Dawn Synergies Guide: Frost Fire
    20 Minutes Till Dawn Synergies Guide: Frost Fire

    Intense Burn + Frostbite

    • When you apply Freeze, you can also use Burn for 6 damage every second.
    • It seems quite underwhelming but it can be effective in many scenarios.

    Stand Your Ground

    20 Minutes Till Dawn Synergies Guide
    20 Minutes Till Dawn Synergies Guide: Stand Your Ground

    Siege + Fusillade

    • Projectiles +2
    • Fire Rate +25%
    • Move Speed -25%

    This synergy works best with Dual SMGs since you receive a big gain in Fire Rate and Projectiles, and if you’re using Dual SMGs, you already have Max Ammo 24, so getting more Fire Rate and Projectiles will give you a massive rise in power.


    20 Minutes Till Dawn Synergies Guide

    Electro Mastery + Fire Starter

    • This causes an explosion that deals 25 damage when a burning enemy is hit with a lightning strike.
    • Synergy Overload works best with the character Spark since Spark already has a lighting effect. Aside from that, it is useful for basic stuff but not preferred.

    Death Rounds

    20 Minutes Till Dawn Synergies Guide
    Death Rounds

    Reaper Rounds + Light Bullets

    • Max HP -1
    • Bullets deal +10 damage

    Synergy Death Rounds is fantastic synergy for almost any weapon and character except maybe crossbow since with a crossbow you don’t have an enormous Fire Rate but otherwise, if you have adequate HP this synergy is a quick pick-up.

    Summon Mastery

     Summon Mastery
    Summon Mastery

    Vengeful Ghost + Dual Wield

    • Summon Damage +35%
    • Summon Attack Speed +35%
    • Bullet Damage -35%

    Synergy Summon Mastery is beneficial in any run where the emphasis is on increasing the power of your summons rather than bullets. Shana is the best character for this synergy since you can always reroll upgrades and focus on gaining upgrades that enhance summon power.

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