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    20 Minutes Till Dawn characters guide

    There are a total of seven 20 Minutes Till Dawn characters in this game with each of them made accessible as you level up. Only one is the default one while all the other 6 can be unlocked by using souls.

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    Shana: 20 Minutes Till Dawn
    Shana: 20 Minutes Till Dawn

    The only character who is unlocked when you start the game. Shana has 4 HP when you start. They may reroll upgrades once thanks to Shana’s ability. Because 5 upgrades occur and the player with this character can reroll once, the player might see up to ten possible upgrades.
    Not only that, but Shana’s potential Skills are incredible and highly entertaining.

    • Ascension is a one-of-a-kind gimmick that boosts Shana’s numbers to insane levels, 
    • Quick Learner allows the player to level up a lot in a single run, and 
    • Specialize may result in some genuinely bizarre outcomes which are beneficial
    Quick LearnerIncrease experience gain by 40%
    AscensionOn each Level Up, 3 Halo Pieces are added to the list of possible Upgrades. Shana’s Halo is dropped for the player to pick up once all three Halo Pieces are collected. After obtaining it, the player has +50% Attack Speed, +50% Reload Speed, and +75% Vision Range.
    Halo PieceCollect 3 of them to recover Shana’s Halo
    Shana’s HaloFire Rate +50%Reload Rate +50%Vision Range +75%
    SpecializeTriple the effect of the next Upgrade you take.


    Diamond: 20 Minutes Till Dawn
    Diamond: 20 Minutes Till Dawn

    You need 1350 souls to unlock Diamond, the cheapest one out of all. Diamond’s most advantageous attribute is her health upgrades and intrinsically high health, which makes her an excellent pick for novices. With 7 HP, she can take a lot of damage and take advantage of attack boosts earned by goods and upgrades. Diamond will become more strong every time she loses one health point which is a great tank quality.

    BerserkIncrease Fire Rate and Reload Rate by +10% permanently every time you get hit.
    Strong WillWhen Diamond’s HP is at or below half of Max HP, increase Piercing +2 and Knockback +25%
    Bulk UpIncrease Bullet Damage and Bullet Size by +15% permanently every time you heal.


    Scarlett: 20 Minutes Till Dawn
    Scarlett: 20 Minutes Till Dawn

    Scarlett needs 3150 souls if you want to unlock her. She has 3 HP which is the lowest in all. Her ability causes them to blast a wave of fire every third shot, piercing and inflicting Burn. This ability combines with other sources of flame damage over time, such as the Pyro Mage or Fire Starter perk. Scarlett is a lot of fun with the Flame Cannon, and some people may consider her to be their favorite playable character.

    Lasting FlameBurn lasts twice as long
    PyromaniacScarlett gain +10% Fire Rate every time she inflicts Burn. This buff resets on reload.
    Pyro AffinityBullet Damage -25%Burn Damage +67%


    Hina: 20 Minutes Till Dawn
    Hina: 20 Minutes Till Dawn

    Hina has 3 HP and it costs 3150 souls to unlock her. Her ability allows her to dash in the direction she is heading, leaving behind a clone that damages nearby foes on a regular basis. Dashing speed is 6 times faster than your current mobility speed. The Shadow Clone does not move and vanishes after a short period of time or when her ability is utilized again. Her speed is what makes her a good choice.

    Enhanced ShadowSummon Damage +25%Shadow Clone attacks 3 times faster.
    Hidden BladeHina is now Invincible during her dash. Hina’s dash deals damage equal to her Bullet Damage to enemies in the way.
    ManeuverHina automatically reloads her gun after using her dash.


    Spark: 20 Minutes Till Dawn
    Spark: 20 Minutes Till Dawn

    She also has 3 HP and it costs 3150 souls to unlock her.

    Electrical FireLightning strikes also inflict Burn for 3 damage per second.
    Electro AffinityBullet Damage -25%Lightning Damage +50%
    Charged UpEvery 3rd Lightning strike deals double damage and generates 1 ammo.


    Lilith: 20 Minutes Till Dawn
    Lilith: 20 Minutes Till Dawn

    She has 4 HP and it costs 3150 souls to unlock her. Lilith has some of the best Potential Skills, but they can be unlocked only by chance later in the game—so players are bound to have a hard time until then. It is clear by the character design that she is created and designed with darkness, death, and Gothicism in mind. Also, her abilities are quite commendable from army summoning to attacks. No doubt she is a good choice.

    Undead ArmySummon Damage +35%Summon Attack Speed +35%
    NecromancerSummon Damage +20%Lilith summons an additional Spirit when enemies are killed.
    NecrophileGain +35% Move Speed for 1 second when an enemy is killed.


    Abby: 20 Minutes Till Dawn
    Abby: 20 Minutes Till Dawn

    Abby, similar to Lilith, has 4 HP and it costs 3150 souls to unlock her. The most loved and praised character is Abby. Her attack combos have no con at all. When she right-clicks, she fires all of her remaining ammunition in random directions. The Elite improvements simply help to strengthen her, and with the Tome to increase her base ammunition, she may become virtually invincible.

    Bullet StormProjectiles +2Fire Rate -31%Spread +40
    Make It RainDouble how fast Abby fires during her special skill.
    WhirlwindIncrease Move Speed and Reload Rate by 35% for 2 seconds after reloading.


    All these characters are admirable in their own way. The way you like to play is based on who you choose. None of these are super complicated which makes it easier for players to choose them accordingly.

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